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The Masters of Science in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Human Nutrition is a 30 credit-hour program designed to prepare nutrition professionals to practice dietetics at an advanced level and/or to pursue doctoral study. The program develops research skills, stimulates independent thought, and provides up-to- date knowledge in food and nutrition. This masters degree does not provide eligibility to sit for the National Registration examination to become a registered dietitian, nor does it provide eligibility to apply to a dietetic internship. The program outlined below is designed for the registered dietitian but can be completed by a dietetic intern or student with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline who has met the listed prerequisites.

Required Courses (five courses or 15 credit hours)

The required courses needed to earn a masters in nutrition are listed below:

  • NHM 555 – Maternal and Infant Nutrition (3 hours) or NHM 567: Nutrition Support for the Critically Ill
  • NHM 561 – Advanced Vitamins and Minerals Metabolism (3 hours)
  • NHM 562 – Metabolism of Energy Nutrients (3 hours)
  • CHS 525 – Biostatistics (3 hours)
  • HES 509 – Research Methods (3 hours)
  • Capstone Experience (Options: Thesis, Non-Thesis Research or Comprehensive Exam)

You will need a minimum of 18 hours of graduate study in nutrition or NHM designated courses in order to complete this degree.

Nutrition Electives (a minimum of three courses or 9 credit hours in nutrition)

Electives must be approved by the student′s academic advisor. Examples of 3-hour courses the student may choose include:

  • NHM 530- Advanced Nutrition Counseling
  • NHM 540- Advanced Nutrition Education
  • NHM 557 – Childhood Obesity
  • NHM 625 – Nutritional Epidemiology

Potential Electives Outside of the Nutrition Department (a maximum of two courses or 6 credit hours)

  • HHE 520 – Health Behavior
  • HHE 530 – Health Promotion Techniques
  • HHE 589 – Women and Health
  • CHS 520 – Basic Epidemiology
  • CSM 537 – Developing the Leader Within
  • CSM 547 – Digital Resources
  • CSM 564 – Digital Tools
  • CSM 575 – Entrepreneurship in HES
  • NUR 510 – Basic Concepts of Teaching Diabetes Self-Management Techniques
  • NUR 516 – Advanced Diabetes Management


Click the link below that best describes your situation to determine your eligibility for the MS in Human Environmental Sciences with an Emphasis in Human Nutrition. Information on how and when to apply to the program is contained in these documents.

Distance Education

The masters degree is available through distance education. The degree requirements and course content are the same regardless of where it is completed—on campus or through distance education. The program is completely available by distance.

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Current Students

The advising worksheet can help you plan your schedule. You will find an explanation of the Capstone Experience within the advising document.